Living Your Deepest Wisdom - Vol. 76

Most people are unconsciously velcroed to their experience; they are their experience and, as such, don't recognize how they are creating their own suffering through reactive patterns. Yet, upon awakening to our deeper nature, it is possible to notice a vital space between us and what is occurring in any moment; it is this space that allows for choice and options that can profoundly transform our lives. Adyashanti explores how to move from this space so that there is greater congruence between spiritual awakening and the way we express ourselves, thereby enabling us to live our deepest wisdom more fully.

Topics Include:

  • Aligning with Life
  • The Capacity for Fearlessness
  • All Suffering Is Your Choice
  • Awakening Just Opens the Door
  • Taking Responsibility for Thought Patterns
  • You Are Existence Knowing & Expressing Itself

Quotes from this DVD:

"Having a moment of clarity great or small that opens the door does not mean you have walked into the room."

"A large part of spiritual awakening is how to get the timeless and the human part working together."

"Everything arises in and exists within nothing at all."

"When you start feeling disconnected, your system is saying you are in a state of incongruence."

"There does not seem to be any end point to how we can express the deepest thing we know."

Recorded in Palo Alto, California on October 5, 2014.