Where Is the Buddha?

It is easy to imagine that the Buddha, the awakened one, is something or somewhere other than here or that awakening to reality will happen sometime other than now. But as long as we continue to think in terms of time we will deceive ourselves. In this insightful and provocative 4-CD album, Adyashanti reveals how as soon as we are willing to step outside of time, everything becomes possible. Seeing with a different kind of clarity, we may finally notice where the Buddha has always been -- eternally present here in every moment of our humanity.

Topics Include:

  • The Buddha Is Timeless
  • Losing Your Inner Life
  • Perceiving Before Mind
  • The Cunningness of Illusion
  • The Parody of Getting Still
  • Absolute Inclusion
  • How We Deny Presence
  • Attachment to Enlightenment
  • How the Sense of Self Migrates
  • Judgment As a Disguise

Quotes from this CD Album:

"The Buddha existed before Siddhartha existed."

"Thinking is the way we miss the Buddha."

"There is only the Buddha."

"Trying to be present is built on an assumption that one isn't present now."

"The ego's game is time."

"There's not a speck of objective reality anywhere."

"The most cunning part of illusion is thinking you can get out of it."

"We don't need to pursue truth. We can only pursue our idea of truth. Are we willing to see untruth?"

"Your humanity is the biggest thing you'll ever love. You'll love the universe before you love your humanity."

Recorded at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, on October 8, 2011.