Fierce Grace

"There are many fierce moments in any one life span: times of turmoil, upheaval, challenge, and change. These fierce moments of grace are in many ways the most spiritually important moments of our lives, because they call to us to awaken from our old patterns of conditioned existence and embrace the insecurity of living life from a place beyond our habitual fears and conditioned responses." ~ Adyashanti

In this 7-CD album of insightful talks and dialogues recorded live at a weekend intensive, Adyashanti explores how life’s fierce grace can open our hearts and minds to a new state of consciousness from which to act and relate to the world within us.

Topics Include:

  • The Grace of “I Don’t Know”
  • Accessing Heart Wisdom
  • Leaning into Unsatisfactoriness
  • Infinite Opening
  • Transcendence with Intimacy
  • Disidentification Isn't Enough
  • The Perpetual Lie of Ego
  • Deep Okayness with Disease

Quotes from this CD Album:

"If you think you can hide in the changeless and everything will be fine, you're in for a rude awakening."

"Existence itself isn't unsatisfactory—approaching it from the egoic operating system causes unsatisfactoriness."

"Even if you completely disidentify from the egoic operating system, that's not the answer for the human dilemma. It doesn't show you how to live in the world of time and space."

"There's a fierceness about life that calls for a fierceness to not anxiously solve it but to allow it to transform you."

Recorded in San Rafael, California on June 4-5, 2011.
© 2011 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.