Sacred Inquiry ~ Questions That Can Transform Your Life
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"One does not need to seek out one's demons in an endless pursuit of self-improvement. We simply need to face whatever arises with an honest, open, and inquiring mind and heart."

~ Adyashanti

From the Introduction by Adyashanti:

Our questions—about ourselves and each other, about life and death, and about whether there is something that can rightly be called sacred—belong not only, or even primarily, to each of us. These questions belong to the immensity of life and the consciousness which we are each individual embodiments of. Your big life questions belong simultaneously to you and to the totality of existence functioning through and as you. The essence of your consciousness turns out to be the essence of all consciousness.

About the Book:

Over his years of teaching, Adyashanti has led numerous online courses and online retreats that have contributed greatly to people’s spiritual awakening and the embodiment of his teachings in everyday life. As part of these programs, participants emailed questions pertaining to the course subject as well as heartfelt wonderings, issues, or impediments they were facing. Adya received thousands of these questions and subsequently responded in writing to a great many.

In this book we have combed through these questions and answers and select ones that would serve others. As is frequently said, one person’s question is often another’s, and if we look closely enough, we can usually find within ourselves some element of what someone else is wrestling with. Keeping this in mind, the hope is that by sharing these Q&As, it will spark something for you and will support your own inquiry—for yourself and for life itself.

Knowing that there will be a wide range of spiritual experiences and perspectives among readers, whether taking their first footsteps along the path or having traversed thousands of miles, our wish is that you will find something here that resonates with wherever you are on your journey.


  1. Transforming Emotions, Feelings of Unworthiness, and Physical Challenges
  2. Meditation, Inquiry, and Spiritual Practice
  3. The Illusion of Ego and Separation
  4. Awakening to the Nature of Awareness
  5. Levels of Awakening: Head, Heart, Gut, and No-Self
  6. Relating from a New Way of Being
  7. Compassionate Regard for the World
  8. The Enlightened Heart
  9. Enlightened Living


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