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Returning to Innocence ~ 1
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From Returning to Innocence ~ Seattle Intensive Jan 2017

This complimentary download is Part 1 of the 5-download set Returning to Innocence. The complete set is available for purchase.

About Returning to Innocence (5-Download Set):

Almost all of spirituality is simply a means of returning to innocence. That’s really all it is. Part of this return to innocence involves seeing in every instance of human experience that there is a vast, indefinable context in which all experience happens -- good, bad, or indifferent. In this 2017 Seattle Intensive, Adyashanti explores closing the gap between reality and our conceptual beliefs about reality, and awakening to the pure, innocent nature of all existence. 

Talk Topics Include:

  • What Exists in Every Moment
  • Allowing the Frightening Deity Within
  • How Awareness Is a Resource of Sanity
  • The Two Feet of Enlightenment
  • The Unknowable Truth
  • Psychological Distancing
  • The Endless Game of Eliminating Negative Emotions
  • Undistorted Perception
  • Letting Go of Grasping for Experiences
  • Real Freedom

 Q&A Topics Include:

  • Tiny Steps toward Deepest Intention
  • Profound Clarity from Vulnerability
  • The Fear of Psychological Death
  • Kindness for No Reason
  • The Irrational No within Fear
  • Letting Grief Wash Over You
  • Is Life a Dream?
  • A Loved One’s Drug Addiction
  • Letting Your Heart Break Open
  • The Other Side of No-Self
  • The Unknown Atmosphere of Awakening

Quotes from this Download Set:

“The context of any moment is our own conscious awareness. Everything you ever see, taste, touch, feel, or imagine is occurring within that context.” 

“The only way we can discover the natural state of our being is we have to stop trying to manipulate all experiences.”

“There’s no such thing as how not to be afraid.”

“Don’t make allowing everything to be just the way it is into a goal. Make it into a discovery. What happens when you allow all your experience to simply be the way it is?”

“Experience yourself outside of any story about yourself, any memory about yourself, any of the old defining characteristics.”

“There’s often this gap between the actual reality of being something or someone, and all the thoughts we generate about it.”

“The thing that gives us a vast experience of being is when we don’t have limitations on the way that consciousness can experience this moment. As long as we have a limitation, then we’re stuck. If the only way I can experience this moment is in total unity consciousness, as much as everybody wants that, that’s still a limitation.”

“Where there’s psychological distance, there will be conflict.”

“Someone could say, ‘I want nothing but to serve God.’  Great, serve God in the next thirty seconds.”

“What can I do today to express what I really love and cherish?”

Recorded in Seattle, Washington on January 28-29, 2017.
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