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Introduction to A Revolution of Being 2019
January 30, 2019 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. FREE

In this complimentary recording of his January 30 live broadcast, Adyashanti introduces teachings from his upcoming 2-month online retreat, A Revolution of Being ~ 2019: Breaking Through ~ Encountering the Ground of Being at the Heart of Existence (March/April 2019).

He shares his teachings on the essential ground of being and how the online retreat will support awakening to, and embodying, this fundamental nature of reality in our everyday lives.  

Topics Include: 

  • What Is the Ground of Being?
  • The Immense Terrain of the Psyche
  • The Paradoxical Nature of Being
  • The Root of All Sentient Beings
  • Going Fully “Down and In” vs. “Up and Out”
  • Leaving Behind the Goal Orientation of Spirituality
  • Faith at the Precipice of the Unknown
  • Engaging in Life from the Truth of Being
  • The Endless Revelation
  • When Our Intention Becomes Our Life


“Only when we delve into the deepest parts of our psyche do we get to the divine ground and are able to pull the roots of separation out. We can still have revelations that are only pulling out the tops of the weeds of separation, only to resprout.”

“The divine ground is vast, paradoxical, and unexplainable. By going down and in, we transcend dualities, including the fundamental duality of form and formlessness.”

“One of the things the divine ground shows you through unavoidable experience is that each of us is the focal point through which the totality of life is revealing itself. Totality is engaged in self-exploration. This is not a belief or idea, but a way of experiencing life.”

“When we are in alignment with the spiritual impulse itself, we see that it didn’t originate in the individual ego but in our true nature.”

“The ground of being is functioning through the individual who is looking for its recognition, not the individual who is doing the looking.”

“The paradox is that you are always being the truth of who you are, and always becoming that truth. The more mature your realization, the more these two come together, and it’s a delight!”

Adyashanti tailors his online retreats to his more committed students. It is for those who are passionate about spiritual realization and living their deepest insights. 

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Recorded on January 30, 2019 
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