A Revolution of Being ~ March & April 2019

Breaking Through ~ Encountering the Divine Ground at the Heart of Existence (A 2-Month Online Retreat)

My Invitation to You for the 2019 Retreat

by Adyashanti

The divine ground is the absolute ground, the maternal womb, the source and suchness of our entire experience of being. The Buddhists call it shunyata; the Christian mystics call it the godhead; the Gnostics called it the pleroma. By whatever name it is called, the divine ground has been associated not only with the fundamental nature of reality, but with the most profound experience of spiritual liberation. And although it may sound like the stuff only of rarified spiritual experience, it is also the very matrix of our everyday lives, human psychology, and existence itself. Indeed, the divine ground influences each and every moment of our lives from birth to death and beyond. And there is a good chance that you have, in some manner or another, already directly encountered it, if only in a peripheral way; and an even better chance that if you have, you have turned away from it.

This online retreat will be a deep dive into the divine ground of being—what it is, how it functions, and what it means to open more deeply to it, both in your direct experience as well as in the rough and tumble of your everyday life. This retreat will be a time to more deeply commit to your spiritual practice while in the midst of your day-to-day lives, explore the nature of the divine ground in your own experience with meditation, contemplative practices and written exercises, and have the opportunity to share your experiences, insights, and challenges with the online community of participants.

Whether acknowledged or unacknowledged, known or unknown, the divine ground lies at the heart of who and what we all are, and its quiet and unfathomable influence moves and shapes every aspect of our lives. To consciously break through into a recognition of the divine ground is not only a matter of personal freedom and well-being, it is a matter of great significance for humanity. For its conscious recognition is a necessary evolutionary leap in bringing healing and sanity to the world. 

I invite you to join with me, and people from all around the globe, for this 2-month weekly online retreat in deep spiritual practice while in the flow of daily living.

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Adyashanti’s Invitation to the 2019 Online Retreat

Free January 30 Introductory Talk

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A Life-Changing Experience

Spend 2 Months with Adyashanti where you:

  • Explore how the edge of his teaching furthers the edge of your awakening.
  • Discover how his teachings can be more fully integrated into your every day presence, activities, and interactions.
  • Dive into your spiritual practice like never before and emerge with greater clarity and embodied action.
  • Engage with others who are also deeply passionate about spiritual inquiry and living in a more awakened world.
  • Gift yourself with a committed period of focus that will transform the quality of your life.

What Is an Online Retreat?

A Revolution of Being is a 2-month online retreat with Adyashanti. It is an opportunity to create a container that helps you deepen your spiritual awakening and integrate this realization into your everyday life. LEARN MORE