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Online Retreat Help

Tuning In

Tuning in with a Macintosh or PC computer? Please update your Adobe Flash Player for all browsers except Google Chrome, which updates automatically.

If you do not hear audio, look for the audio speaker icon in the control bar and click on the “x” to activate audio.

If you're having a problem viewing the broadcast with Safari, please try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

If your video or audio player freezes or slows down during a broadcast, please wait for a few seconds. If it does not resume, refresh/reload the page.

If you share your internet connection with others who are watching movies or streaming audio, this will affect the quality and speed of your broadcast.

Tuning In Instructions

  • To watch or listen to a live broadcast, go to the online retreat page. When you are logged in during broadcast time, click on the "Live Broadcast" tab and then click the "Watch Live Video Stream" or "Listen Live Audio Stream" button. You may tune in as early as 60 minutes prior to the broadcast.
  • If you are using a Satellite connection for your internet, you may not be able to receive the broadcast.
  • If you have technical difficulties during the program, see our Technical Support FAQ. If you still need help contact Technical Support.

Technical Support

Technical Support FAQ
Find answers to your technical questions in our FAQ area.

If you can't find your solution in our Technical Support FAQ, then contact Technical Support.

Caller Instructions

    Tuning In
  • Before you call in, please note that during the online retreat call-in dialogues are intended to focus on the topics covered in the preceding talk. If your question is not directly and specifically related to the talk, please do not call in. Instead, please email us.
  • During the broadcast, wait for the announcement that the phone lines are open, usually at least halfway through the broadcast.
  • Calling In:
    If you live in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, or US Virgin Islands:
    Call toll-free: 1-800-997-7182.
  • If you live OUTSIDE these areas: Dial the international access code for your area, then 1 for the US, then 408-938-0476.
  • If you get a busy signal, it means that the queue is full. If you would like to email a question related to an upcoming session, email us. Limit your question to 2 or 3 sentences.
  • If you call and get an answer, turn off the volume on your computer and do not use your speaker phone so that we can hear you clearly. You will be asked the nature of your question and where you are calling from. When you are placed in the queue, you may be on hold for up to 45 minutes.
  • Relax and enjoy the broadcast!