Free Live Video with Call-In
Our complimentary live broadcasts with Adyashanti are a great way to receive his current teachings in the comfort of your home or wherever you might be. All you need is a device with an internet connection. The format generally includes teachings on emailed questions, an extensive talk, and dialogues with callers. See Schedule

Free Prerecorded Video ~ NO CALL-IN
Our complimentary prerecorded video broadcasts by Adyashanti are replays of selected previous broadcasts that we have found to be popular or address choice topics. Some have been newly prerecorded by Adyashanti. As with the live broadcasts, all you need is an internet connection. See Schedule

Online Retreat

2-Month Online Retreats

Our yearly 2-month online retreat is an exciting new way to spend two months with Adyashanti, diving into the depths of spirituality while living your everyday life. The structure helps you awaken to spiritual insight and integrate this realization into your daily presence, interactions, and activities. It’s designed for serious students committed to spiritual awakening and living the most free and loving life that they can. The format includes live online talks, call-in questions, video practice exercises, written Q&A, guided meditations, group meditation, participant impact reports, and breakout conferencing discussions. See Schedule

Self-Guided Courses

Self-Guided Courses

Our self-guided courses are previously delivered live online courses by Adyashanti. Each course offers a step-by-step approach that makes it easy for you to review the materials and apply the teachings as if you had been experiencing the live course. The format includes videos, audio downloads, practice exercises, written Q&A, and summary notes of all live broadcasts. See Self-Guided Courses