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Spirit Rock Intensive

The Dialectic of Enlightenment

The spiritual life involves a dialectical interaction between our relative selves and our true nature. The embodied human ego seeks its home ground and its liberating release, while our true nature seeks its conscious embodiment in the world of time and space. These two spiritual instincts are the enlightenment impulse experienced from the relative and absolute dimensions of our . . .  Learn More

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Omega Institute

Special 7-Night Silent Retreat

Join Adyashanti in this silent retreat in Rhinebeck, New York, dedicated to embodying the enlightened condition. This retreat is your opportunity to dive deeply into the silence and discover the truth of your being, while supporting others to do the same. Learn More

Christmas Intensive

During the busy Christmas season, many desire to dedicate time to honoring the truth as it manifests through Christ. Adyashanti’s annual Christmas Intensive provides a space where we can do just that. This day of community will include meditation, talks, a social dinner break, musical offerings, and singing. Learn More

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