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Special 7-Night Silent Retreat

October 11-18, 2019
Hosted by Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY
Registration Information
Tuition Fee: $700

Dear Friends,

Silence is the container of retreat to which all participants dedicate themselves, for it is in inner silence that deep realization spontaneously blooms.

Retreat is also a time of one-pointed inquiry, a commitment to questioning our most cherished ideas and beliefs. On retreat, I encourage all participants to fearlessly inquire down to the very root of self and the illusion of separation so that the light of awakening can penetrate throughout the whole of one's being.

The entire structure of these retreats is something I’ve developed over the years to both support the flowering of realization as well as challenge the various ways that we hold on and resist letting go into the truth. Whether you feel drawn to attend retreat or not, I encourage you to enter into the spirit of retreat, into a wholehearted commitment to eternal truth here and now.

With Great Love,

Special 7-Night Silent Retreat

October 11-18, 2019

Check in: 3:00-5:00 pm
Check out: 1:00 pm

Friday, October 11, 2019
  • The $700 cost does not include accommodations.
  • For complete information or to register visit:
  • All registration and housing arrangements will be handled by Omega Institute.
  • Open Gate Sangha does not offer scholarships to this event.
Omega Institute

150 Lake Drive

Rhinebeck, NY 12572