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Spirit Rock Intensive

September 14, 2019
Hosted by Spirit Rock
Woodacre, CA

The core of the spiritual life involves a dialectic interaction between our empirical or relative selves and the numinous universal ground of our being. The embodied human ego seeks its home ground and its liberating release, while the numinous ground of being seeks its conscious embodiment in the world of time and space. These two spiritual instincts are the enlightenment impulse experienced from the two opposing poles of universal being in an ongoing cyclical relationship with itself. It is the respiratory nature of spirit always and already being timeless and complete, while always becoming a more consciously embodied expression of itself in space and time. These two spiritual instincts move in cyclic relationship to one another within the human psyche, much like breathing in is followed by breathing out. To have some understanding of the cyclic and dialectical nature of the enlightenment impulse is necessary if we are to consciously join with this essential aspect of our true nature as it seeks to become fully conscious and fully embodied.

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(Open Gate Sangha does not offer scholarships to this event.)

Spirit Rock Intensive

The Dialectic of Enlightenment

September 14, 2019

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Spirit Rock Meditation Center
5000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard
Fairfax, CA