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Waiting List Sign-up (Step One)


Thank you for your interest in this retreat:

If you’re interested in the possibility of attending this retreat, place your name on the waiting list. If the retreat has openings, you will hear from us within a week.

Important information about the waiting list:

  1. We cannot guarantee if or when you might be called to attend retreat.
  2. We will not be able to tell you your status on the waiting list.
  3. You and a partner can both get on the waiting list individually, but not as a couple. You may not be able to attend with your partner.
  4. Housing options may be limited by availability.
  5. Financial assistance is not available for people who get called off the waiting list.

Know the attendance requirements

If you get called off the waiting list and choose to attend the retreat, you will be required to:

  1. Pay the $0 event fee.
  2. Pay for housing with the retreat site. See costs and Accommodations info.
    1. You will be sent housing application and information with the confirmation letter.
    2. You must accept whatever housing is available (your top choices are not guaranteed).
  3. Stay at the retreat site for the duration of retreat; there is no commuter option.
  4. Arrive on time (3-5pm on the first day) and stay until the end of retreat (12:30 or 1pm on the last day).
  5. Be willing to participate in complete silence. See "The Experience of Silence" to learn more about the Retreat Container and silence on retreat.

Note: You must be 18 years old or older to attend retreat.

I understand and wish to register





Registration Info

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About Retreat

Invitation to Retreat
The Experience of Silence
Daily Schedule
Special Needs
Getting to Retreat Download 2018 Retreat Brochure

Participants understand that all events with Adyashanti will be recorded [ more... ]