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Photo of Adya and ArvisResources

Adyashanti has invited some of his students to share the Dharma with others. Visit the links below to learn about them. For more information, you may call or email them directly.

Except for Adyashanti's wife, Mukti, all those listed on this page function completely independently of Open Gate Sangha and Adyashanti. They stand on their own individual authority and are fully responsible for themselves and their teachings.

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  Mokshananda Mokshananda
Santa Cruz, CA
  Zeida Zeida Rothman
Berkeley, CA
  Marlies Marlies Cocheret
Santa Cruz, CA
  Stephan Bodian Stephan Bodian
Tucson, AZ
  Shantam Shantam
Middletown, CA
  muni and adya muni
Boulder, CO
  Norman Norman Scrimshaw
Thornton, NH
  Jon Bernie Jon Bernie
San Francisco, CA
  Sharon Landrith

Sharon Landrith

  Dorothy Hunt Dorothy Hunt
San Francisco, CA
  Bonnie Greenwell Bonnie Greenwell
Santa Cruz, CA
Ashland, OR
  Larry Melton Larry Melton
Davis, CA
  Loch Kelly Loch Kelly
New York, NY
  Mukti Mukti
San Jose, CA
  Francis Bennett Francis Bennett
Columbus, OH
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Adyashanti Groups

Join a gathering in your area.


Radio Adyashanti

Speak with Adyashanti live on the internet on Radio Adyashanti.