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Adya in satsang Satsangs with Adyashanti are a time of silence and intimate investigation into the nature of spiritual awakening and living an awakened life. Each satsang begins with a period of silence, followed by a talk, and
then a dialogue with the audience.

For dates, times, and directions,
click on the links below.

San Francisco Bay Area


Other Areas (Travels)

Adyashanti will be offering evening satsangs in the following cities. Details will be posted on the Travels page.



Satsang Schedules

San Rafael
Palo Alto
Santa Cruz

Download full-length satsang recordings at Cafe Dharma.


2015 Retreats Open!

Preregistration is now open for 2015 Retreats in the US.
US Preregistration Deadline: October 31, 2014.


Participant Notice

Participants understand that all events with Adyashanti will be recorded [ more... ]
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