The Nameless

Fog and TreesKrishnamurti spoke of how the bird is at once lost to the child who learns its name.

Can you recall when you were a child experiencing the world arising, moment-to-moment, without thought dividing its content?

In the spirit of recalling this perspective, prior to duality, I invite you to read ahead, and then try this exercise:

Look out the nearest window or across the room, and name what is in front of you. Perhaps several names come to mind (e.g., green, tree, pine). Subsequently, wipe each name from your mind as you look at the object, until you can see it without a name. As your eyes relax and your vision widens, take in the view globally.

To take the investigation further, let your listening relax outward, globally. If a thought that names a sound arises, simply let the name relax out of your mind and turn your attention again to what is within your range of hearing, letting your field of hearing widen and relax outward to experience a global awareness.

And finally, invite any sense of the one named “you,” your familar sense of self, to relax out of the center of your experience. You may feel the edge of your body soften or, more importantly, your sense of the one who is tracking perception and doing this exercise, dissolve out of the center.

Rest in this awareness that does not divide, does not name, and which itself will forever remain nameless.