Mukti’s 2014 Retreats and Travels


Mukti’s 2014 Retreats

The following retreats in 2014 are currently open for registration:


Mukti’s 2014 Travels

The following Travel dates are currently planned for Mukti’s 2014 teaching schedule and may be subject to change.


Travels in the US

  • Bend, Or ~ February 18-19
    Two Evening Satsangs
  • Huntsville, AL ~ March 22-23
    Two Evening Satsangs
  • Bainbridge Island, WA ~ April 11-12
    Evening Satsang and Silent Retreat Day
  • Seattle, WA ~ April 13
    Silent Retreat day
  • Boulder, CO ~ September 16-17
    Two Evening Satsangs
  • Santa Fe, NM ~ September 19-20
    Evening Satsang and Silent Retreat Day
  • Los Angeles, CA ~ November 14-15
    Evening Satsang and Silent Retreat Day

Details and registration for travel events in the US are available on Mukti's Calendar page.

International Travels

  • Vancouver, BC ~ April 15-16
    Two Evening Satsangs
  • Amsterdam, NL ~ August 1-2
    Evening Satsang and Silent Retreat Day
  • Easebourne, Sussex, UK ~ August 5-6
    Two Evening Satsangs

Details and registration for international travel events are available on Mukti’s Calendar page.


Explore the Depths of Your Being

Retreats with Mukti offer much the same structure and teaching principles as those with Adyashanti. They take place in more intimate venues -- with fewer participants and more opportunities for personal, in-depth dialogues in satsang. In her own teaching, Mukti brings flavors of feminine quietude and nurturing as well as kinesthetic, visual, and precise pointers to Truth.

Registration Is Open

All of Mukti’s retreats are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. For details and registration, visit Mukti's Calendar page.