News from Down Under

November 2005

Adyashanti’s teachings are now being shared globally as well as locally, as groups in several states and other countries gather to listen to audiotapes or watch DVDs. Following is a letter sent to us from one such gathering in Western Australia.

Dear all at Open Gate Sangha office,

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful evening we had last Friday in satsang with Adya. There were about thirty or so present in our dojo at Gurukula—our largest gathering for a satsang so far. Sam Blight, one of our leadership team guided proceedings.

To begin with, we shared a beautiful meditation with reference to Adya’s page on True Meditation—the stillness was deep and profound with a vivid sense of Presence.

Then we watched about forty minutes of Adya’s new DVD, “What Do You Really Want?”. I was sitting at the back and it was awesome to notice everyone leaning forward to catch Adya’s every word. It was as if he was there in the same room with us all.

Afterward, together we enjoyed some tea, coffee, and light refreshments. The fellowship was warm and animated, and most of the conversations I overheard seemed to be about blessing being experienced as truth was being more clearly perceived (or apperceived) through these gatherings.

I pass this on to encourage you in your service of truth and the part you each play in helping to make Adya’s insightful satsang talks more widely available. Also, of course, we would like you to convey to Adya our deep gratitude for being willing to make these DVDs etc. which are so valuable to those of us who cannot physically be with him. Because of your combined efforts (relatively speaking), satsang happens and does its work “down under,” while you sleep!

With appreciation,
Pete S.
Gurukula, Western Australia

P.S. After writing this letter, I received a phone call from a man who was present at the gathering. Yesterday there was a remarkable shift of consciousness for him and there was the sudden knowing of who he really was. Of course, he could not put into words what had happened, but he spoke of joy, relief and the sense of being nothing and everything at once.

I’m sure you will be delighted, along with us, to know of these awakenings and I have the feeling that the tide of awareness will continue to rise in the growing number of those who attend to the truth that comes through Adya and others at Gurukula.