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spacer gif   Jesus: The Teachings of a Revolutionary Mystic
March 22-29, 2013 ~ Garrison Institute
22 Audio CDs. Running time: approx. 24 hrs.
© 2013 by Adyashanti.
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"If you understand who Chr...
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spacer gif   Disciples of the Eternal - SUMMER SPECIAL
The Nondual Teachings of Jesus Christ, Vol. 4
2 Audio CDs. Running time: 2 hrs. 27 min.
© 2012-2013 by Adyashanti.
Regular price $19: Now offered at $14 until September 15.*

Listen to a...
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spacer gif   The Phases of Awakening
Retreat Talk by Adyashanti
1 Audio CD. Running time: 1 hr. 12 min.
© 2012-2013 by Adyashanti.
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Although there isn't an absolute linear progression, t...
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spacer gif   Be a Lamp unto Yourself
Adyashanti at Spirit Rock
4 Audio CDs. Running time: 4 hrs. 22 min.
© 2012-2013 by Adyashanti.
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Be a lamp unto yourself. These were the last ...
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spacer gif   Wu Wei
The Way of Non-Doing
1 Audio CD. Running time: 58 min.
© 2012 by Adyashanti.
The whole universe is moving through Wu Wei, the way of non-doing. There is nobody behind the scenes orchestrating it -- the ...
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spacer gif   Awaken the Infinite
Weekend Retreat
7 Audio CDs. Running time: Approx. 8 hrs.
© 2012 by Adyashanti.
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We could boil down awakening to one simple thing -- th...
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spacer gif   Guided Meditations, Vol. 2
Between Outside and Inside
2 Audio CDs. Running time: 2 hrs. 16 min.
© 2007-2012 by Adyashanti.
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As a sequel to the popular Guided Meditations, Volume ...
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spacer gif   Bringing Forth
Satsang with Mukti
1 Audio CD. Running time: 55 min.
© 2012 by Mukti Gray.
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"If you bring forth ...
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spacer gif   Direct Pointers to Truth
A Daylong Inquiry with Adyashanti
5 Audio CDs. Running time: 5 hrs. 39 min.
© 2012 by Adyashanti.
Whether you’re new to spirituality or have been involved for decades, this 5-CD album of a daylong intensive with Adyashanti ...
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spacer gif   Meditations with Mukti, Vol. 2
Guided Meditations on CD
1 Audio CD. Running time: 1 hr. 19 min.
© 2009-2012 by Mukti Gray.
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In volume 2 of her guid...
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