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The Flowing Community of Truth

Everything thatís spoken in satsang is only meant to strike a recognition, an aliveness, a remembrance in this moment, and nothing more. The truth is only true if itís living for you, for me. If itís alive within us, itís real, and it transcends anything we could say about it. If the truth remains only in its spoken form it dies. Even your own insight, if it becomes rigidified in your mind, will die. Even the greatest sutras die as soon as they arenít alive within somebody. When they become just words they die because all teachings, the truest teachings, need you and me to bring them to life, to find the life within them. When you find the life, then you can bow to the teaching and be the living of it. At that point the words donít mean a whole lot.

I think of this teaching as I think of this sangha. The reason we call it ďOpen GateĒ Sangha is that just like the teaching, the sangha is something for this moment. This is the sangha -- whether or not weíve met each other before -- this is it. After we leave this gathering, as soon as you walk out the door, the next person you meet is your sangha. Then you go home, and thatís your sangha. Then you go to the grocery store, and thatís your sangha. Then if we come back together someday, that becomes sangha. Itís not a fixed form, itís not a club. The door is open on the way in and open on the way out. Both doors are open so that something can keep flowing. It isnít a community we join -- except at our birth. Weíre birthed into sangha, into sacred community. Itís called the world. Itís flowing and it moves, and as soon as you donít move with it, it dies, does it not? The teaching dies if it doesnít stay fresh. Your own realization dies if you donít move with it. Thatís why I always suggest to live in a state of discovery -- not a state of discovery where you are looking for an ultimate conclusion, for thatís the greatest illusion of all. Live in a state of discovery because thatís how the truth lives.

Excerpted from a talk in Pacific Grove, CA on September 16, 2005.

© Adyashanti 2013

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