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Web Team

Many thanks to everyone who collaborated on the website.

Project Manager: Jerilyn Munyon

Technical Engineer: Ken Stilwell, Stilwell Consulting Group

Artistic Design and Execution:
Susan Kurtz Graphics,
Ken Stilwell, Stilwell Consulting Group (Cafe Dharma)
Prema Rode
Jerilyn Munyon

Photo Credits:
Banner Photos: Steve Kurtz,
Home Page Photo: Diane Kaye,

Other Photo Credits: Steve Kurtz, Diane Kaye, Sherri Burkhart, Bill Lange, Larry Gray, Priya Irene Baker, Rita Bottari, Mukti, Prema Maja Rode, Michael Coulter, Lilly Lachter, Sheila Hillman, Jerilyn Munyon

Cafe Dharma Audio/Video player background photo courtesy of Dan Baumbach.

Technical Design and Execution:
Ken Stilwell
Jerilyn Munyon
Susan Kurtz

Writing and Editing:
Prema Rode
Julie Donovan
Sonya Bilbios

Backend Design Group:
Ken Stilwell
Jerilyn Munyon
Prema Rode
Patty Bottari
Sonya Bilbios

Audio and Video Techs:
Jim Greene
Eric Fischer
Julie Donovan
Donnie Oakley

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