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"The most valuable form of service is to fully awaken to who you are, and then live that awakening in every moment." ~ Adyashanti

Service can take form as the expression of truth anywhere in our lives. Open Gate Sangha is fortunate to have a dedicated pool of hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time, energy, and talent to help support the teachings of Adyashanti. From setting up chairs or arranging flowers at events to offering professional skills such as technical support and photography, our volunteers are essential to the day-to-day operations of the sangha.

Volunteers have built and nurtured a solid and responsive base for our community, and because of their generosity Open Gate Sangha is able to bring Adyashanti's teachings to a community of people all around the world.

Many of our volunteers have found service to be a natural way to deepen their connection with the sangha and the teachings. Others serve as a spontaneous expression of gratitude or truth. Toward that end, Open Gate Sangha does what it can to provide opportunities for service through volunteering at our events, at the sangha office, or even from home. Whatever your reason, if you feel called to participate, please read some of Adyashanti's reflections on volunteering and find out more about becoming a volunteer. Or, if you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, you can volunteer at an Adyashanti travel event near you by going to the Travels page and emailing the contact person for that event.


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