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The Way of Liberation Study Groups

Cover for The Way of LiberationWhile studying the teachings of The Way of Liberation alone will feel right for some people, studying the teachings and sharing your experience with others in a group can be very useful. Exploring these teachings with others can open you to new and added perspectives, as well as providing compassionate support for each other.

It is of the utmost importance to remember that The Way is not itself the Truth but a means of realizing Truth. The Truth lies within you, not anywhere else. By studying and putting The Way into practice, you are studying, bringing forth, and realizing the Truth within you.

About Hosting a Study Group

The Way of Liberation study groups should be safe and loving environments to gather in mutual exploration of the teachings.

Participating in the Online Study Course

If you would like to share the experience of online study course with your study group, at least one member of the group must be registered for the course. Listening to the live broadcast may be “hosted” by the individual who has registered for the course.

At your group’s gatherings, you may share the broadcasts, online Q&A, and in-between-session video teachings. Other participant privileges (including log-in access to live call-in, emailed questions, session recordings, and other participant access features) are extended only to the those who have individually registered for the course.

If you continue your group meetings beyond the duration of the study course, you may choose to listen together to course recordings and in-between sessions, or read selections from the Q&A in the group.

Suggestions for the Format

Anyone can form a study group and come up with their own format. The Way of Liberation study groups form and run independently of either Adyashanti or Open Gate Sangha. Adyashanti does, however, suggest that each meeting be centered on a particular aspect of The Way of Liberation teaching that was chosen during the previous group meeting. He also suggests that each meeting include some time for silent meditation (preferably at the beginning) as well as discussion about the particular teaching that was chosen for that meeting.


The following are guidelines for The Way of Liberation study groups to embody. They are meant to reflect an attitude of mutual openness, compassion, and support.

  1. Study groups should be safe and compassionate environments in which to explore, share, and put into practice The Way of Liberation teachings.
  2. All study groups should be free of charge, unless the group is renting a space to meet in.
  3. No one should act as a teacher or try to dominate a group.
  4. When someone is sharing their experience, do not judge what they are sharing. If asked for, give feedback by speaking only from your own experience. Do not try to be the teacher.
  5. Everyone who comes to a meeting for the first time should be given a copy of these guidelines. If a study group does not follow these guidelines, we suggest you either stop attending it or form your own study group.

If you have reviewed and agreed to the guidelines above and wish to host a study group for The Way of Liberation in your area, please email all of the following information to the Gathering coordinator:

  1. Type of Meeting (“The Way of Liberation” or “Adyashanti Gathering”)
  2. City and State, Province, or Territory
  3. Meeting Frequency and Times
  4. Location Address (or “Email or call for information” or “Email for information”)
  5. Contact Name (and 2nd Contact if there is one)
  6. Contact Email (and 2nd Contact's email if there is one)
  7. Contact Phone (optional)

Other than posting your approved information on our website, we do not share your information.

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