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Taking the One Seat

Spiritual Autonomy and the Soul’s Discovery of Meaning

4-Week Online Course
November 8-29, 2017

Wednesday Evening Live Video Broadcasts
6-8pm Pacific Time ~ Replays Anytime!

Adyashanti’s Invitation to You:

Deep spiritual experience is characterized by an apparent, and at times baffling, paradox. While realization reveals the unity and non-separation of all existence, we simultaneously experience ourselves as individuals leading particular human lives. Ultimately the experience of reality lies at the dynamic confluence of the universal One and the human one, the experience of no separate self and what I call spiritual autonomy.

Spiritual autonomy, or what might be described as the soul (if understood more as a function than as a thing), is not a given. The spiritual autonomy that the soul affords is generally hard won and comes at the expense of many deeply ingrained ideas and beliefs about what life is and how it works. It must be nurtured and developed in the grist of daily living, which is to say that it must be lived, not simply realized. Spiritual autonomy is an invitation to step up to our incarnation, to say yes to it, and to realize our own potential, both for ourselves and for the sake of all beings.

But before the soul can be realized and lived, it must be brought to the surface of consciousness, nurtured, and chosen to be one’s own. Only then does it begin to reveal a deeper sense of meaning and direction in ones life. While the ground of being may be completely beyond both meaning and purpose, the individual expression of that ground is given direction and oriented to the world through the prism of meaning. By bringing to light how the ground of being functions through the individual, we discover a degree of spiritual autonomy that allows and challenges us to what in Zen is called, taking the one seat. To take the one seat is to fully occupy this very life -- our individual life and all of life -- as the ultimate ground of being. To do so is the expression of enlightenment itself.

I hope that you will feel called to join me in these weekly talks, Q&A, practice videos, and more, as we take this deep dive into what it means to discover and develop spiritual autonomy.

~ Adyashanti

Your registration includes:

  • Four live 2-hour video broadcasts -- each session includes a talk followed by the opportunity for you to call in and speak with Adyashanti directly. Sessions will be in audio and video stream formats, and accessible on mobile devices.
  • Video replays posted within 2 days after each live broadcast to watch at your convenience any time during the course -- no need to worry if you miss a broadcast.
  • Session notes to help you remember and integrate the teachings -- posted within 2 days after each live broadcast. A PDF of all Session Notes is available about 3 weeks after the course ends.
  • Three video teachings to guide your unfolding during the week in-between the live sessions.
  • Audio MP3s of all the video content -- download to your computer so you can revisit the teachings at your convenience.
  • An online Q&A area where Adyashanti will be responding to a limited number of emailed questions.
  • You will have access to course materials until 60 days after the course ends. (Audio downloads are yours to keep.)



Adya on cushion

Registration Information

Registration will be open September 20 - November 5, 2017. Register on the Online Course page of Cafe Dharma.

Broadcast Dates: Wednesdays, November 8, 15, 22, and 29.

Broadcast Time: 6-8pm PT

Cost: $175 USD
Scholarships available.

Email Notifications: To be notified when this online course opens for registration, log in and sign up for email updates.