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The Way of Liberating Insight

Embodying Spiritual Truth, Love, and Wisdom in Everyday Life


4-Month Online Study Course
February - May 2015
Two Live Broadcasts per Month

Details and registration will be available January 10 - February 1 on the Study Course page at Adyashanti’s Cafe Dharma.

Delve deeper into your spiritual journey than ever before with the help of Adyashanti’s teachings and our collective intention. Over the course of 16 weeks, we will focus on achieving liberating insight into the three pillars of enlightened living:

  • Fundamental Insight into the nature of reality.
  • Emotional Insight into true emotional maturity and integration.
  • Embodiment Insight, which illuminates the daily living and functioning of enlightened wisdom and love.

Adyashanti writes:

The first month of the course will focus on the first pillar of enlightened living: achieving insight into the fundamental nature of reality. During this month I will present a number of efficient and direct ways to realize the fundamental nature of reality -- or what you really are. My focus here will be on being able to recognize the fundamental ground of your being at will, and experience being grounded within it more and more deeply throughout your daily life.

The second pillar will occupy the second and third months of the course and will focus on emotional insight into the nature of emotional maturity. We will be spending two months on this subject because it is the greatest stumbling block in the majority of people's lives. And as many people have found out for themselves, a moment of profound awakening does not in and of itself confer deep emotional maturity and functionality. In order to live an awakened life, we must allow the light of wisdom and love to transform and inform our emotional lives. This does not happen by magic; we must intentionally and willingly shine the light of insight into the murky world of our emotional lives so that they become integrated into our deepest moments of realization.

The third pillar will be the focus of the last month of the course and will focus on the embodiment of insight. In order to embody profound insight, we must not only have awakened to the fundamental ground of reality, and achieved a functional sense of emotional maturity, but we must also have insight into exactly how realization and love transform into the activities of daily living. In order to embody deep spiritual insight, we must develop a courageous and loving heart that can act and respond to the challenges and opportunities of living from the ground of our being.

I hope that you will join me for this first multi-month course on The Way of Liberating Insight. The emphasis will be upon removing blockages of the mind and emotional body that impede living from the enlightened mind and heart in everyday life. It will be a time to earnestly commit to your deepening of spiritual maturity and embodying your deepest experience of wisdom and love for the sake of all beings.

As a participant, you will have access to:

  • 8 live online broadcasts with Adyashanti, including a talk and call-in on the first and last Wednesdays of each month
  • Video replays of each broadcast to watch at your convenience any time during the course
  • 16 supplementary video teachings with simple practices showing you how to apply and benefit from the teachings in your daily life -- one each week
  • Written responses to questions from course participants -- 10-15 responses posted each week
  • All course links and downloads will be available until 30 days after the course ends

Watch your email inbox for an introductory video and registration details. To receive emails log in and sign up for email updates.





Registration will be open
January 10 - February 1,

Broadcast Dates: Wednesdays, Feb 4, Feb 25, Mar 4, Mar 25, Apr 1, Apr 29, May 6, May 27.

Broadcast Time: 6-8pm PT
Check Local Time

Cost: $350

Registration: To be notified when this online study course opens for registration, log in and sign up for email updates.

To register, go to the Study Course tab at Cafe Dharma.