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The Experience of Silence

A Note from Adyashanti
The Retreat Container
Participation Requirements

A Note from Adyashanti

Buddha with LeavesRetreat is for those who desire to deeply realize the truth of their being and the essence of existence. Retreat offers time to step back from the course of daily life and enter into the Unknown, in an environment that provides both structure and support.

To serve this intention, all retreats are held in silence, except for our time together during talks and dialogues. Silence is the container of retreat to which all participants dedicate themselves, for it is in inner silence that deep realization spontaneously blooms. Retreat is also a time of one-pointed inquiry, a commitment to questioning our most cherished ideas and beliefs. During these talks and dialogues, I encourage each participant to fearlessly inquire down to the very root of self and the illusion of separation so that the light of awakening can penetrate throughout the whole of one’s being. The entire structure of these retreats is something I’ve developed over the years to both support the flowering of realization as well as challenge the various ways that we hold on and resist letting go into the truth.

Whether you feel drawn to come on retreat or not, I encourage you to enter into the spirit of retreat, into a wholehearted commitment to eternal truth here and now.

~ Adyashanti

The Retreat Container

Trees and fog in distanceA powerful retreat container supports a deep and transformational unfolding into truth. Participants work together to create and nurture this container by maintaining silence and giving themselves to the schedule and structure of the retreat.

Retreatants are asked to come to the retreat prepared to be fully present, with loose ends tied up at work and at home, completing all business before retreat and making arrangements with loved ones to help maintain the silence. This depth of intention allows an undistracted experience of surrender that is not often possible in daily life.

Participation Requirements

Adyashanti requires that all attendees arrive on time for retreat check-in and plan to stay at the retreat site through the end of the retreat (just before lunch on the last day).




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The Experience of Silence
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