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Reflections on Volunteering

Allison“Volunteering moves us beyond the position of simply being a consumer of spirituality; we also become its servant. When you start to actually serve the thing that you’re taking in, it completes a circle. It’s a much fuller, more complete experience. It’s really healthy to be giving back.

Volunteers represent the spirit of our sangha through their willingness, sincerity, and commitment to truth. Their challenge is to put into action what we as a community and the teachings are talking about. They represent the spirit of the teachings not only to the outside world, but also to each other.

It is natural for members of any community to bump up against the inherent imperfections in each other—that is also healthy. When our personal wants, demands, or preferences aren’t being met, we are challenged to live the deeper truth that we have realized ourselves to be.Volunteers

In this way volunteering gives people an avenue by which to express the cutting edges of their own spiritual evolution—to close the gap between realization and living. This happens by bringing consciousness to the activity, by bringing the spirit of truth into it.” ~ Adyashanti

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