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The Awakened Heart - DVD 88 -- HOLIDAY SPECIAL

The Awakened Heart - DVD 88 -- HOLIDAY SPECIAL
Video Series


DVD video. Running time: 1 hr. 46 min.
© 2016 by Adyashanti.
$15.00 Item:#4ATH-D

Cover price: $20. Now offered at $15 through January 15.*

Most people perceive life from the egoic perspective of the mind. But how might your direct experience be transformed if you were to perceive deeply from the heart? Adyashanti illuminates a completely different way of experiencing life when you shift attention from the head to the heart. It is ultimately through the lens of the heart that we access awakened wisdom and perceive the unity of all existence.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Perceiving from the Heart
  • How We Cut Ourselves Off from Life
  • The Natural Quietness in the Heart
  • The Heart Is What Perceives Unity
  • An Unaltered Way of Seeing
  • The Deeper Knowledge from Not Knowing
  • Giving Away Yourself
Q&A Topic:
  • "How Do I Surrender?”
Quotes from this DVD:

“We ultimately perceive unity through the heart.”

“To the extent that we are closed off, we are not taking in the perceptions of the heart.”

“Spiritual yearning is the yearning to experience life in a different way apart from the ego mind.”

“To be quiet is to not resist anything that happens in your consciousness.”

“When you bring the head into the heart, and rest attention in the heart, there is a natural quietness.”

“To come to profound knowledge, follow the thread of not knowing.”

“When you look inside and can’t find yourself, you are beginning to find yourself.”

Related Item: Also available ON HOLIDAY SPECIAL as an MP3 download from Cafe Dharma's Audio Library. ID:#666.

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on March 25, 2017.

*Online orders only, no other discounts apply.


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