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Already Existing Liberation -  DVD 82

Already Existing Liberation - DVD 82
Video Series


DVD video. Running time: 2 hrs. 16 min.
© 2016 by Adyashanti.
$20.00 Item:#4AEL

Watch an Excerpt

A profound paradox exists at the center of spirituality. There is a persistent drive to seek liberation, yet this seeking obscures the realization that liberation is already and always present. In this compelling 105-minute talk followed by dialogues, Adyashanti unveils -- and invites us to relinquish -- the pursuit of a particular state of freedom and well-being so that we may recognize the unified reality that is always revealing itself as every form of existence.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Well-Being Already Exists
  • What Sustains Wanting
  • The Illusion of a Freedom State
  • Seeing Oneness in the Particular
  • The Virtue of Doing Nothing
  • Trusting the Unresolved
  • The Power of Suspending What You Know
  • Everything Is One Already
  • Dropping Identification with Oneness
  • Returning to Wholeness
Q&A Topics Include:
  • The Impact in Every Interaction
  • Inquiry after Seeking Dies
  • Form and Emptiness Aren’t Separate
Quotes from this DVD:

“The consciousness operating through you belongs to life itself.”

“Spirituality is a creative act of riding the edge between the known and unknown.”

“It takes a kind of trust to have something unresolved in you and holding it in a quiet way.”

“As long as we’re looking for something specific, we can’t see the general.”

“There is nothing but Spirit.”

Related Item: Also available as an MP3 download from Cafe Dharma's Audio Library. $10.00 ID:#607.

Recorded in Palo Alto, California on February 21, 2016.


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