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Emptiness and Love

Emptiness and Love
Satsang with Adyashanti


2 Audio CDs. Running time: 1 hr. 56 min.
© 2013 by Adyashanti.
$17.00 Item:#1EAL

Listen to an Excerpt
Cover price: $19. Now offered at $17.

In this vibrant and impactful satsang, Adyashanti offers valuable clarity on how the teachings of emptiness differ from the teachings of love. He delineates how the spiritual journey is at first a negating process of identification; then, it is an orientation of affirming every experiential aspect of life. When our emptiness nature comes back in and fully encounters our humanity -- both the sublime and horrific experiences -- it is the love of it all that allows liberation to fully bloom.

Topics Include:

  • Teachings on Spacious Being
  • Transitioning from the Loss of Will
  • The Orientation of Negating vs. Affirming
  • What Is Absolute Intimacy?
  • Adya's View of Love
  • Awakening Love's Deeper Instincts
  • Saying "No" without Disconnection
  • How Love Closes the Gap
Quotes from this CD Set:

"You can have a Ramana-like experience of emptiness, but have a hell of time returning from that."

"The completion of space is love."

"There is a love that comes out of being connected out of our humility, where we connect from the very foundation."

Related Item: Also available as a download (MP3) in Cafe Dharma's Audio Library. ID:#387.

Recorded in Oakland, California on April 20, 2013.


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