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The Way of Liberation

The Way of Liberation
A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

$10.00 Printed Copy

Softcover: 53 pages
© 2012 by Adyashanti.
$10.00 Item:#3WOL

The Way of Liberation is Adyashanti’s stripped-down, practical guide to spiritual awakening. With a profound simplicity it outlines the Foundations, Orienting Ideas, and Core Practices that are essential in the process of waking up to the absolute nature of Reality and living it to the fullest extent possible. May this book serve as an insightful companion on your journey to that place of sacredness, to the flow and flowering of existence beyond all notions of self.

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“This is not a book about spiritual betterment, self-improvement, or altered states of consciousness. It is about spiritual awakening—going from the dream state of ego to the awakened state beyond ego as quickly and efficiently as possible.” -- ADYASHANTI

Free PDF Download! Adyashanti is making the contents of this book freely available to all who are interested in his teachings. Download the complete PDF ebook here, where you can also find information about The Way of Liberation study groups.

Available on Kindle:

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The Way of Liberation Study Course is available as a CD album and as a download set (MP3) in Cafe Dharma's Audio Library. ID:#389.


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