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The Power of the Dark Night

The Power of the Dark Night
Satsang with Adyashanti


2 Audio CDs. Running time: 1 hr. 33 min.
© 2011 by Adyashanti.
$16.00 Item:#2POT

Listen to an Excerpt
Almost everyone on a serious spiritual journey goes through trying times, inwardly and outwardly, with difficult and dark emotions, often referred to as �the dark night of the soul.� In his most popular Radio Adyashanti broadcast to date, Adyashanti devotes an entire 90-minute talk to exploring several types of dark-night experiences and revealing the hidden power within them.

Topics Include:

  • The Dark Night of the Will
  • Dying into Profound Simplicity
  • The Movement of Universal Intelligence
  • The Dark Night of Love�s Longing
  • Dark Night vs. Classical Depression
  • The Bright Side of Dark Nights
Quotes from This CD Album:

"You�re being pulled into something deeper. You�re being weaned off of the surface level of ego enjoyment.�

�Whatever wants to reveal itself, you are the conscious presence in which it arises. You are the light that it is seeking. You are what is calling it out of its hiding.�

PLEASE NOTE: This satsang is also available as a download (MP3) from Cafe Dharma's Radio Library. ID#118.

Recorded on February 9, 2011.
© 2011 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.


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