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Reflections on Deepening

Reflections on Deepening
Satsang with Mukti


1 Audio CD ~ 70 min.
2010-2011 by Open Gate Sangha.
$10.00 Item:#M_1ROD

Listen to an Excerpt
What does it take to deepen spiritually? In this important talk suitable for both new and experienced students, Mukti offers essential ingredients for going deeper into the mystery of our being and coming into greater harmonization with reality. She explores the transformative power of true seeing as well as the discovery of, and resting in, the constancy of our non-separate nature.

This CD is also available as a download from Cafe Dharma's Radio Library ID#121. $10

Photo of MuktiKey Topics Include:
- The Primary Ingredients of Deepening
- An Appetite for Seeing
- The Power of Acknowledgment
- Seeing Is Our Nature
- When Only Stillness Remains
- The Cessation of Wanting

Quotes from This CD:

"There's a tremendous power in simply the willingness to see."

"In the simple acknowledgement of what is seen, there's a way that we align with reality."

"When there's an agenda to become seeing itself, there's some belief that there's something to gain or something's lacking."

Recorded on October 2, 2010 in Bend, Oregon.

Learn more about Mukti at


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