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The Fire of Truth

The Fire of Truth
A Weekend Inquiry with Adyashanti


7 Audio CDs. Running time: 8 hrs. 15 min.
2010 by Adyashanti.
$65.00 Item:#7FOF

Listen to an Excerpt
"What would it be to shine the light of truth into every aspect of your life? What would it mean to leave no stone unturned, to stop avoiding anything and to hold an unwavering fidelity to truth?" In this deeply relevant and practical 7-CD album recorded live at a weekend intensive, Adyashanti expounds on many facets of truth. He reveals how to access the true absolute nature of reality and the unique way life speaks directly to each of us. He also shows how a fierce commitment to truth can liberate us from our struggle and suffering. Key topics include:

  • The Ultimate Knowledge
  • Accessing Your Unique Truth
  • The Major Barrier to Insight
  • What Is Full Awakening?
  • The Living Flame of Truth
  • Experiencing Emptiness
  • The Power of Innate Curiosity
  • What Removes Suffering
Quotes from This Album:

"Wanting what's really true opens everything up."

"For a split second before the commentator comes in, there's no separation from what we're experiencing."

"What's the will of God? It's what's happening right now inside or outside of you."

"There's a truth that's moving and taking the shape of your experience in this moment. If you don't have access to this truth you're handicapped."

Note: This product is available in CD form only, and is not currently available as an audio download.

Recorded in San Rafael, CA on August 28 and 29, 2010.


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