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The Light of the World

The Light of the World
The Nondual Teachings of Jesus Christ, Vol. 2


3 Audio CDs. Running time: approx. 3.5 hrs.
2007-2009 by Adyashanti.
$29.00 Item:#2LOT

Listen to an Excerpt
An inspiring sequel to Adyashanti's extraordinarily popular CD album, I Am: The Nondual Teachings of Jesus Christ. In this 3-CD set, Adyashanti reveals how the biblical stories of Jesus are actually stories about our own journey. He shows how understanding the real messages of Jesus' birth and life can free us from the illusions of time and separateness, and awaken us -- right now -- to the Christ consciousness within. With selected talks and dialogues recorded at Christmas intensives in 2007 and 2008, topics include:

  • Jesus as Man / Christ as Spirit

  • Realizing Christ Consciousness

  • The Birth Story and the Resurrection

  • Jesus' Revolutionary Message

  • Love's Urgent Longing

  • The Collapse of Separateness

  • Living the Realization

  • Putting the Kingdom First

Recorded in Palo Alto, California on December 15, 2007 and December 20, 2008.

NOTE: The Light of the World, Vol. 2 is complete in itself and can be enjoyed without listening to the prior volume. This product is available in CD form only, and is not currently available as an audio download. I Am, Vol. 1 of this series is no longer available on CD. It is available as an MP3 download set from Cafe Dharma's Audio Library. $20.00 ID:#195. The Kingdom of Heaven, Vol. 3 of this series is also available on CD in this bookstore.


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