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Adyashanti Gatherings Directory

Yarmouth, ME

Way of Liberation Study Group

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Additional Info We are a group of individuals united around Adya's teachings, and our support for each other. We meet every other week in a forrested yurt, in a rural setting (mind the ruts in the road, and bring a small source of light for the walk from the car and back). At each meeting, we choose a topic of inquiry which we will sit with and meditate upon during the the intervening weeks. We then share our experience and/or insight when we meet again. Each person endeavors to speak only from their own experience with as little back story as is timely and practical. There is no teacher or director other than the reference to Adya's writings and teaching, our regard for each other, and the intention of the group. We start with a light snack, then 15 minutes of silent meditation, followed by an hour or so of discussion. As with all of Adya's teachings and Open Gate Sanga events *all are welcome*. However, please consider whether you have the time and inclination to the deeper work of inquiry before joining us. Attendance is not mandatory from week to week. We do have the ability to offer Skype for those who live in more distant or remote corners of the state, or more than 45 minutes away from the meeting regardless of remoteness. May we all experience liberation, and greet each other in peace. Warmest welcome, Jules
Posted 01/08/2019