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Adyashanti Gatherings Directory

Denver, CO

Adyashanti Gathering

Dates Email or call for information
Time Email or call for information
Location Email or call for information
Contact Erik Sleeuwenhoek
Email Email to Erik Sleeuwenhoek
Phone 303-975-9935
Posted 10/19/2009

Longmont, CO

Adyashanti Gathering

Dates Second Friday of each month
Time 7:00-9:00pm
Location Cheta's house, email or call for directions
Contact Cheta Portlock
Email Email to Cheta Portlock
Phone 720 447-2563
Posted 11/30/2010

Paonia, CO

Adyashanti Gathering

Dates Mondays
Time 10:30 am to noon
Location 109 Niagara, Paonia CO
Contact Kristin Osmar
Email Email to Kristin Osmar
Phone 970-270-7453
Posted 12/02/2014

Vail Valley, CO

Adyashanti Gathering

Dates Visit website below*
Time Visit website below*
Location Visit website below*
Contact Felix Lopez
Email Email to Felix Lopez
Phone 786-294-5487
Additional Info *For details visit
Posted 06/05/2015