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Scholarships for Intensives

It is our hope to make Adyashanti’s intensives available to those who feel called to participate. Scholarships are offered according to need, availability of scholarship funds, and balanced distribution among those in need. Not everyone who applies will receive a scholarship.

To apply for a scholarship, you only need to fill out and send the scholarship application form. You do not need to send payment with the form. Send one scholarship form per intensive, per individual.

Intensive scholarship application deadline dates:

Date(s)   Event   Scholarship Deadline
January 25   Santa Barbara Intensive   January 3   
April 5-6   Sebastopol Intensive   March 14
June 14-15   Bethesda Intensive   May 23
June 21   Ithaca Intensive   May 30
August 9   Copenhagen Intensive   July 18
August 11-12   Switzerland Intensive   July 18
October 11   Boise Intensive   September 19
October 18   Vancouver Intensive   September 26
December 13   Christmas Intensive   November 21

How to Apply

Download the Scholarship Application for 2014 intensives.
Mail in your completed application by the deadlines noted above.

The above link requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Some Windows users may need to right click and save the file to disk.)


2015 Retreats Open!

Preregistration is now open for 2015 Retreats in the US.
US Preregistration Deadline: October 31, 2014.

Registering Now: 4-Week Study Course
Exploring I Am That



Participant Notice

Participants understand that all events with Adyashanti will be recorded [ more... ]
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