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Daily Schedule

View of Mt. Madonna dining hall deckThe schedule offered at Adyashanti’s retreats uniquely reflects his sense and experience of what best supports awakening. The deep silence of meditation coupled with the focused inquiry of sessions with Adyashanti are the ground and seed from which awakening flowers.

Because the schedule is a vital part of the retreat container, if you cannot arrive on time and plan to stay through the end, Adyashanti requests that you not attend the retreat. This shared commitment supports the group as a whole to experience the depth of retreat.

Day 1: After late afternoon check-in, there is a dinner break followed by a retreat orientation and a talk by Adyashanti.

Daily Activities: Each full day of retreat begins at 7:30 am and ends by 10:00 pm. Most days include several periods of silent sitting, a guided meditation, two sessions with Adyashanti (talks and/or dialogues), and three meal breaks.

Last Day: The retreat officially ends just before lunch. (Lunch is provided but is optional.)

Participation Requirements

Adyashanti requires that all attendees arrive on time for retreat (by check-in on the first day) and plan to stay at the retreat site through the end of the retreat (just before lunch on the last day). There is no “commuter option.” All participants are required to secure housing at the retreat site using the group housing form provided. Further guidelines regarding how to support the silence and retreat environment will be provided upon arrival.





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Participants understand that all events with Adyashanti will be recorded [ more... ]