Free Offerings

If you’re new to Adyashanti or this website, welcome! Here are a few great ways to get started:

  1. Download the free PDF of Adyashanti’s 58-page book The Way of Liberation. This book is the best introduction to Adyashanti’s teachings. It is a practical guide to spiritual awakening that will give you an excellent foundation for your spiritual journey, no matter where it takes you.
  2. Become a Member – It’s free! As a member of you can opt to receive our monthly email updates announcing the latest free downloads, free live video broadcasts, events updates, and new local groups forming around the world. When you sign up as a member be sure to check the box to receive email updates.
  3. Watch or Listen to the next online broadcast. Radio Adyashanti is a free live video/audio broadcast accessible on Adyashanti’s Cafe Dharma. It usually includes a talk by Adyashanti followed by an opportunity to call in and speak with him directly. It’s free! And it usually airs once or twice per month.
  4. Download this month’s free full-length audio. The Audio Page at Adyashanti’s Cafe Dharma features the recordings of Adyashanti’s most recent events and published audio teachings. You can always find the latest free download in the lower right-hand corner.

There’s plenty more to explore by clicking around on the site, but that should be enough to get you started and familiar with Adyashanti’s teachings. It’s great to have you here.

Featured Books

The Way of Liberation Falling into Grace Resurrecting Jesus